Research Members
Prof. Yiji Xia
Prof. Yiji Xia

Professor, Department of Biology
Tel: (852) 3411 7052

Professor Xia received his PhD degree in genetics from Iowa State University in 1997. After training as a joint postdoctoral fellow at Salk Institute/Noble Foundation, he joined Akkadix Corporation (a biotech company in San Diego, USA) as a senior scientist. He became Principal Investigator at Danforth Plant Science Center (St. Louis, USA) in 2001 and joined Department of Biology of HKBU in 2009. Prof. Xia has published over 60 research articles in Nature, EMBO Journal, Plant Cell, PNAS, and other journals which have received over 7,000 citations. Prof. Xia is also the director of the Research and Development Centre for Natural Health Products.

Main research interests 
• Gene regulation in response to stress
• Plant resistance to pathogens and oxidative stress
• Plant secondary metabolism and natural products

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